Youth Leadership Development Program

Program Description

A new paradigm for leadership is coming. We’re in the midst of a momentous generation swap as Baby Boomers begin to retire and leave the positions of leadership they have held for so long. This change in demographics will open the door for millennials and give them an opportunity to take on leadership roles. We believe if we are to empower today’s youth with the skills they need to be successful, we need to start at the grassroots level.

Soccer For Change offers a grassroots leadership development program for volunteers as part of the service trip experience. The program introduces Leadership,Communication and Goal Setting skills at a level that is simple, relevant and applicable in their personal and professional lives. We implement a modern learning model that combines formal forms of teaching with hands on experience, group reflection, and mentoring to ensure our participants get the most comprehensive and complete form of personal development possible.

What participants can expect

  1. To develop an understanding of the concept of self-awareness and its importance to personal development.
  2. To understand the key attributes and competencies which future leaders need to develop.
  3. Identify the unique strengths you can bring to leading a group of underprivileged youth.
  4. To understand the “outer game” of leadership which are the skills required for effective leadership. (i.e. communication, self-awareness, authenticity, group/system awareness, and achieving)
  5. To understand the “inner game” of leadership which is your unique internal operating system (i.e. drivers, what’s important, beliefs, how you define yourself)

Program Partners

York Region School Board
Toronto Catholic District School Board