OutReach 360 and Soccer For Change

by Marcus Bernard

Our team is back from Dominican Republic, and it only felt fitting that before we start blogging about the trip that we explain who helped make it possible.

OutReach 360
OutReach 360 originally was an orphanage outreach program, but in 2011 it was renamed and took a new focus on education. They have two sites, one in Dominican Republic (Monte Cristi), and the other in Nicaragua. We joined their team in Monte Cristi.

OutReach 360’s vision is to create a world where every child has the ability to pursue a college degree or gain employment. They go about this by recruiting volunteers to donate their time and knowledge by helping teach local children literacy, English, and health. They have class rooms set up, and children come 5 days a week eager to learn and receive an education. As well, people can donate money to help support this organization from the comfort of their home.

Founder of Soccer For Change, Marcus, as well as myself, went to Monte Cristi to volunteer with OutReach 360 in 2011. Last year when Soccer For Change became a reality for Marcus, he contacted OutReach 360 and started to create plans for a soccer camp the following summer.

Last week, this all became a reality. IMG_1137

The camp was part of OutReach 360’s Dare to Dream program. which was a week long soccer program that children could participate in free of charge. Marcus, and all the Soccer For Change volunteers, taught local children the value of sports and how it can be used to teach children teamwork, leadership, and communication. The main goal was to work these children, and as an added bonus, volunteers and Soccer For Change got the opportunity to enhance themselves.

We are nothing but grateful for OutReach 360 for housing us and allowing us the opportunity to work with children in Monte Crisit. We were able to make friends with many locals, including the Monte Cristi Soccer Association, that we hope will last a life time.

Throughout the next two weeks, the blog posts will surround our trip and our volunteers personal experiences, as well as a post by founder Marcus. We hope this will inspire you and give you a look into what Soccer For Change is about.


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