FIFA 2015 Memorable Moments

by Marcus Bernard

The World Cup is over, and though there may be some denial going around, we have to accept it at some point. This FIFA World Cup had many memorable moments, as they always do. So, let’s review the top 3 moments from this World Cup:

3. Amandine Henry’s goal!
35 yards. What else is there to be said?

2. Carli Lloyd’s finish to her 16-minute hat-trick
It is not surprising that Lloyd was named the “Golden Ball”, also known as the best player of the tournament. 

1. England defender, Bassett’s, goal on own net
This is a heart-breaking video, but alas, it takes the cake

What your thoughts? Are these the top 3 moments from your FIFA World Cup experience? Let us know in the comments below.

Tomorrow, I will be discussing the player I believe was outstanding during this tournament – who do you think it will be? As well, I will touch on what to look forward to now that the World Cup is over. Instead of just pulling the cover over you head for the rest of the year, head back over here tomorrow to hear what else there is to do and watch, that will still give you your soccer fix!

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